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  • Pitch

    A doomsday comedy… without the apocalypse.

    The end of the world is coming. An asteroid will crash into Earth in a few days. For Mankind, the news of the end is the outbreak of anarchy… For Akim, Julie and Kevin, three outcast teens, begins a race against time to accomplish their wildest dreams…!

    But, against all odds, the asteroid only brushes up to Earth. So the world wakes up with an excruciating hangover… However Humanity has always been able to bounce back, usually by sweeping under the rug what’s upsetting. A ceremony of the “Great Oblivion” is therefore prepared to praise those who have remained flawless, the “ambassadors” (0.01% of the population)… and in particular our three teenagers because of their mediocrity, their inoffensive appearance and their “marginality”. In one fell swoop, they go from being losers to super stars!

    But the three teenagers share a secret: they too have not been so blameless in recent days…To protect their reputation, Akim, Julie and Kevin will try everything to hide what they did during the chaos… And if it’s already not pretty, it could get even worse.

Carpe Diem


TV movie – 60′

Written by

Jean-Yves Arnaud, Moïra Bérard and Nils Mathieu

Directed by

Erwan Marinopoulos


Renely Alfred, Victoria Eber, Léo Riehl, Françoise Lépine, Emmanuel Bonami, Benoît Blanc, Léa Lopez, …

Original music

Romain Vissol


France Télévisions – Slash

International distributor

Film & Picture

Current status

In post-production

To be discovered: