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Kings of the World
(Rois du monde)

8×52′ – Historical and fantasy series
Authors: Pierre Cachia and Johan Rouveyre
Adapted from the eponymous novels by Jean-Philippe Jaworski (Les Moutons électriques)
Kings of the world is a history, war and fantasy series series taking place in Gaul, circa 600 BC.

This is the tale of a boy who thought he was a nobody suddenly finding himself confronted with the most powerful man in Gaul: his father’s murderer, now trying to make him disappear as well. This man is Ambigat, a king said to be dangerous and manipulative, willing to do anything to silence his opponents. At the end of his travels, during which Bellovèse discovers his origins, he will reach Ambigat adamant on revenge.

This final duel will dictate the future of all of Gaul…

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(Les Survivants)

6×52′ – Disaster series
Authors: Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave
On the first day of winter, with ski resorts opening up to welcome families back on the slopes, the main tunnel leading to the skiing region collapses!

A rescue operation quickly comes together outside, but the real race against the clock is happening deep in the heart of the tunnel, where 10 people are trapped! Without food or water, in the biting cold of a weakened structure that could crash down at any time and bury them, the survivors need to work together, mustering strengths they never knew they had, and fight for their lives… if they don’t want to become casualties of the disaster.

10 lives on the line, 10 survivors, 10 would be heroes…

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