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Kings of the World
(Rois du monde)

8×52′ – Historical and fantasy series
Authors : Pierre Cachia and Johan Rouveyre
Adapted from the eponymous novels by Jean-Philippe Jaworski (Les Moutons électriques)
Gaul, circa 600 BC. Bellovèse, a young Gallic prince living in exile, wants to take revenge on his uncle, high king Ambigat, who murdered his father. When Ambigat comes to enlist him in his army by force, Bellovèse thinks that he’s simply trying to get rid of him.
But the young prince also sees the chance he’s been waiting for. Trained by an ancient god who’s chosen him as his champion, Bellovèse wants to distinguish himself in combat – and, this way, getting close enough to Ambigat to fight him.

Between his family ties and oaths taken to the gods, Bellovèse is a prisoner wherever he goes… But he will break these chains that tie him down, one by one!

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(Les Survivants)

6×52′ – Disaster series
Authors : Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave
On the first day of winter, with ski resorts opening up to welcome families back on the slopes, the main tunnel leading to the skiing region collapses!

A rescue operation quickly comes together outside, but the real race against the clock is happening deep in the heart of the tunnel, where 10 people are trapped! Without food or water, in the biting cold of a weakened structure that could crash down at any time and bury them, the survivors need to work together, mustering strengths they never knew they had, and fight for their lives… if they don’t want to become casualties of the disaster.

10 lives on the line, 10 survivors, 10 would be heroes…

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8×25′ – Comedy
Authors : Ayelet Yahia, Merav Shaked and Justine Kim Gautier
Tali has a dream: to become an authentic Parisian. So when the opportunity to teach Hebrew in Paris for a year presented itself, it was her last chance to leave her native Israel and silence those who doubted her. Okay, Tali has never taught, so what?

Unfortunately for her, the real Paris is quite different from the one she had imagined. It’s… how can I put this?…a little less rosy, a little less romantic. And when the administration starts to discover Tali’s unacademic teaching methods, the threat of an express return to Israel falls upon her. What a nightmare! Having to face the critical looks of her family, the mocking smile of Raphael, but above all risking to see her idyll with Julien, a singer of a TV talent show, ending! I mean, idyll… knowing that Julien is moving backwards in the relationship, the term is perhaps not the most appropriate.


6×30′ – Romantic and technological comedy
Authors : Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave
Loosely based on “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rosyand
Christian is madly in love with Roxane, a brilliant student and activist, but he doesn’t know how to approach her. His sporting achievements, his popularity and his good looks leave her unmoved. So to seduce her, he decides to hijack his father’s latest invention: Cyrano 2.0, an AI program for strategic analysis with military purposes. To lead his campaign of seduction, Christian uses the capabilities of the AI which tells him what to do to conquer Roxane.

But the machine is going to get caught up in the game of feelings… And the battle for Roxane’s heart is going to begin… Who of the human, Christian, or the machine, Cyrano 2.0, will win Roxane’s heart?

It’s not a short circuit, it’s love at first sight.

All the Blue of the Sky
(Tout le bleu du ciel)

Mini-series – Road trip/Drama
Author : Claire Lemaréchal
Adapted from “Tout le bleu du ciel” by Mélissa Da Costa (Editions Albin Michel) : Young man of 26 years old, condemned to a life expectancy of two years by an early onset of Alzheimer’s, wishes to set sail for a final journey. Search companion to share with me this last adventure.

Emile has decided to flee the hospital and the compassion of his family and friends. To his own surprise, he received an answer to this ad. Three days later, in front of the secretly purchased RV, he finds Joanne, a young woman wearing a black hat, whose only luggage is a backpack, and who gives no explanation for her presence.

Thus begins a beautiful and breathtaking journey…

Sentence: Parents for a lifetime
(Parents à perpétuité)

TV movie 90′ – Drama
Based on a true story
Author : Julie Jézéquel
Adapted from “Parents à perpétuité” by Sophie and Dominique Moulinas (Flammarion)
Just as the Boissinot family is about to leave on vacation, the police arrives at the gate. Thomas is arrested at the age of 16. Eric and Laurence discover that they are the parents of a rapist.

What did they miss? Did they fail in their duty as parents? Is it possible that they gave birth to such a monster?

Eric locks himself in the legal procedures, while Laurence gets stuck in her sadness, but they hold on for Thomas, who remains their son. But when he reoffends, there is no doubt for Laurence: her son is sick, and they, having seen nothing, have failed their son, the victims and society.

To be discovered :