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The Recruit
(La Recrue)

6×52′ – Crime-comedy TV series
Created by Pierre-Yves Mora, Adrien Denis, Marjorie Bosch and Anouk Faure
Based on an original idea of Anouk Faure and Adrien Denis
Written by Pierre-Yves Mora, Adrien Denis, Marjorie Bosch, Marc Kressmann, Marine Maugrain-Legagneur, Quentin Pissot, Fabienne Facco and Pascal Perbet
Broadcaster: TF1
Director: Alexandre Coffre (EP1-2)
Starring Thierry Neuvic and Ethann Isidore
Orphan, Kevin Lorin grew up in the suburbs of Paris and was trained by the worst crooks to become an excellent swindler.

But at the age of 18, his life takes a new turn leading him to change “teachers” and career paths: it’s at the Biarritz police station, under the direction of a puzzled police captain, that he must now learn a new job.

Perfect match, there’s no one better than him to “scam” criminals…

(Tout le bleu du ciel)

2×45′ – Road trip/Drama
Author: Claire Lemaréchal
Adapted from “Tout le bleu du ciel” by Mélissa Da Costa (Editions Albin Michel)
Broadcaster: TF1
Smallads.com: Young man of 26 years old, condemned to a life expectancy of two years by an early onset of Alzheimer’s, wishes to set sail for a final journey. Search companion to share with me this last adventure.

Emile has decided to flee the hospital and the compassion of his family and friends. To his own surprise, he received an answer to this ad. Three days later, in front of the secretly purchased RV, he finds Joanne, a young woman, whose only luggage is a backpack, and who gives no explanation for her presence.

Thus begins a beautiful and breathtaking journey…


6×52′ – Adventure series
Authors: Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave
Coproducer: Entertainment One
A young academic archeologist, not in the least adventurous, leaves her safe basement of the Louvre for the hostile territories of Ancient Mesopotamia (current Iraq, Syria and Turkey) to track down the origins of writing… and hers as well.

On the trail of this ancient language, she is following in the footsteps of her father who died thirty years before in this region… a quest that will reveal family secrets as well as awaken ghosts from the past. In her quest, she is joined by a crooked adventurer and a vengeful female Kurdish warrior.

BABEL is about a fish taken from water and dropped into the desert.

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